And then Bill die Kristolnachtt Blamed Okie Racism On da Black People *Updated*

By our friend Mel Neuhaus @acehanna54   Trust Kristol to supersize the clumsy and way too early mawnin' racism. Just another Live moment of Regressive Right Surreality aboard the Morning Schmoe and Meeka Showboat. They of course had to discuss the ΣΑΕ Racist Chanting Chorus in Ok-la-homa. Where a surprising amount of young white supremacists reign. Who could all learn a thing or deuces from conservative view-finder-and-professional-panderer,  the sub-standard Billy K. Who likes to judge the 'cesspool' of modern urban culture. Who wandered over from Fvx Nation to blow some stale smoke up Hillary's pantsuit leg and got waaay [...]