LGBT Miracle: The Lady Judges finally said ‘Hell to the No’

Unfurl your 'dress' rainbow and equality flags to wave high and wave proud - and let the euphoric, historic and speedy change wash over your progressive soul … and savor every hard-won human and civil rights moment. SCROTUS may have just made some equality reparations. Suh-weet! The United Stats of America just witnessed decades, centuries of LGBT oppression, sexuality and gender discrimination, and the lucrative political pay to play. Wisconsin and Utah are particularly satisfying, right? Was truly startled to hear Scott Walker throw in the gym towel … "We're done." From Talking Points Memo: "For us, it's over in [...]

It’s Not a Mosque, and it’s Not at Ground Zero!

But the Republicans are at it again, this time with the help of the media.  Instead of calling it an Islamic community center (which it is), the name "Ground Zero Mosque" has stuck. Brian Beutler writes today at Talking Points Memo, "Is the Term 'Ground Zero Mosque' This Year's 'Death Panel'?" The answer is a very sad yes.  Brian will join me in the first hour of tonight's show to talk about the fallacy of the label, and how it came to be.  And yes, employees of Rupert Murchoch were the ones who got it going, and the rest of [...]

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