Whither Walgreens?

I was released from the hospital on Friday and, once we were able to get my prescriptions filled, I settled back in at home and got down to the process of beginning healing. I said that so easily, didn't I? "Once we got the prescriptions filled...."  Now yousettle in and prepare to be pissed! With my folder of discharge instructions, I was given four prescriptions. The main painkiller I'm on is a very powerful narcotic called Dilaudid or generically, Hydromorphone. My crappy United "Healthcare" insurance policy purchased at healthcare.gov requires that I use only Walgreens or Navarro (a chain that [...]

9-3-16 What a Difference 24 Hours at Home Makes…

That's me, sitting in my studio at the computer. I've been trying to start writing this post for about an hour now, but I keep getting distracted. I'm thinking it's the drugs. I'm only half-joking about the drugs. But I am, indeed, home, and feeling so much better than I felt in the hospital. I will sit myself down at this computer to write as much as I can remember about the surgery and the entire experience of the past week. But I wanted to pop in now- now that I've been home for a full day to give you the [...]

8-11-16 Surgical Consult #2 – University of Miami/Sylvester Cancer Center

Our second surgical consult was with Dr. Dao Nguyen from University of Miami/Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. The photo above was at the Deerfield Beach clinic, 20 minutes from my home, where I'll have my follow-up appointments if I choose to go with them. Dr. Nguyen's CV is truly impressive, as was he in person. He went over the reports with us and showed us the tumors on the CT scan, and gave his recommendations. Although his diagnosis and recommendation of surgery was  consistent with Dr. Robinson's at Moffitt the day before, his approach to surgery is different. Dr. Robinson uses [...]

8-6-16 Good News, Relatively Speaking

After four weeks (but a veritable lifetime of waiting), we finally met with the oncologist yesterday to go over all of my test results. After finding out I had a mass on my lung by mistake through an x-ray of my chest after a suspected heart attack (that thankfully wasn't one), followed by weeks of poking, prodding, CT scan, PET scan, brain MRI, biopsies and other procedures, we got the best news we could have gotten, under the circumstances... with a couple of caveats. At this point, my cancer appears to be Stage 1 adenocarcinoma, localized in the lower lobe of [...]

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