Governor Did a Bad Bad Thing

Maureen McDonnell spent $6,000 around the time of Bob McDonnell's January 2010 inauguration and complained to the PAC the family did not have enough to finance her first lady wardrobe - Photo courtesy of AP Guilty! Actually, she's guilty of spending $50, let alone thousands on that dress. But that's not why they were convicted.  A federal jury on Thursday found former Virginia governor Robert F. McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, guilty of public corruption — sending an emphatic message that they believed the couple sold the office once occupied by Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson to a [...]

Hate In the Name of God

It's become something of a theme this week...  but it's unavoidable these days.  Let's just consider a few of the day's big stories, shall we? Rafael Cruz (Ted's father), a "Pastor" in the Purifying Fire Ministries of Carrollton, Texas, though I can't find any information about that particular "church" online), has some some truly hateful things including this, this and this. Here's his latest, proclaiming atheism leads to child molestation and perversity: Then there's word salad Sarah, the former half-term governor of Alaska, who is worried that the Pope is too liberal. And Pat Robertson, a man who claims to have [...]

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Journalistic Integrity vs the Mainstream Corporate Media

Obviously, dear reader/listener, you know that this site and my show is about as far from the "mainstream/corporate media" as possible.  So perhaps I give little-known news blogs the benefit of the doubt more often than I should - though I still believe we're more likely to get the truth from intrepid reporters who hold no allegiance to corporate overlords. That said, a dose of healthy skepticism is also a good thing to hold on to - regardless of who is telling the story. Last month, as we were trying to figure out what had actually happened in Syria after [...]

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