10-4-23 Nicole’s Moving Shows #13 – Steely Dan

  View on Zencastr   We’re midway through the third week of these  special shows I put together to fill the airtime while I’m moving and  right about now, I could use some good music and a few laughs. I’m  thrilled to share with you one of the highlights of my radio career. In February of 2000, Steely Dan released their 8th studio album… their first in 20 years – and it went on to win the Grammy for Best Album that year. I  was brought in to host the world premier broadcast of the new album,  which included a [...]

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Radio or Not – Part Two

# 2  The Ramones to Steely Dan   This project won’t take the shape of a traditional book, nor will it come in chronological order. As I’m navigating the projects on my procrastinator’s list of things to accomplish during weeks stuck in the house under social distancing stay-at-home mandates, I keep returning to the idea of organizing my memories, accomplishments and life.  Worldwide, humanity is confronting our mortality under this coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic that’s already infected more than 1.7 million people and killed more than 103,000 worldwide. In the US, thanks to a horribly botched response, blatant mismanagement and deadly [...]

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Steely Dan

  Twenty years after their seventh studio album, Steely Dan reconvened at Riversound Studios in New York City to record would would become their eighth, Two Against Nature.  In advance of its release at the end of February 2000, I was hired to travel to NYC to interview Walter Becker and Donald Fagen for the world premiere radio broadcast, to be produced by Mark Felsot at SFX. I had to pinch myself throughout the day. It was February 8, 2000. I can still picture the setting quite clearly. Sadly, I can't share that picture with you as we didn't seem [...]

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10-2-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Enough!

We end the week with the news of another mass shooting, this time at a community college in Oregon, leaving 9 victims and the shooter dead. Nicole speaks with Congressional candidate Joseline Peña-Melnyk, running for Donna Edwards' seat. As Blue America is giving away a Steely Dan platinum award to a random donor to her campaign, today we feature a Steely Dan treat for Flashback Friday - the raw interview between Nicole, Donald Fagen and Walter Becker for the world premiere of Two Against Nature. Time to soothe the savage beast, indeed.

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10-1-15 Nicole Sandler Show – The Money Game

The 3rd fundraising quarter ended last night. The totals are in, and they're staggering! Nicole discuss that and more with Driftglass and Howie Klein (who yesterday tweeted that a reliable source says Little Debbie is out, to be replaced by Jennifer Granholm!) Lots to discuss today.

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Flashback Friday

What a week this has been! I can't say I'm sorry to see it end. This morning on the show, we flashed back to last week and to February 2000. Last week was easy. I flew to Detroit for Netroots Nations following a few days in Los Angeles for the American Federation of Teachers convention. Although I did live shows from Netroots on Thursday and Friday, I recorded a bunch of interviews on Saturday, some of which we heard earlier in the week. Today, we began with Mike Rogers of Raw Story and Netroots Connect, and a conversation about almost [...]

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