9-12-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Thursdays with Howie Klein

   Tonight is the third of the Democratic primary debates and only (!) 10 candidates qualified, so it's just one night. But the knives are out for Elizabeth Warren, and I have a problem with that. I'll explain. It's Thursday, so Howie Klein will be here to talk politics, and the latest problems with Pelosi- not only hedging on impeachment, but keeping an assault weapons ban from passing the House.

A Few Words About MSNBC

I didn't see this when it happened live, and for good reason. Usually if Zerlina Maxwell is on the panel, I change the channel. It's too bad, I thought, because I generally appreciate John Harwood as a decent journalist and, from the little I know of Mimi Rocah as a former prosecutor for the SDNY, I figured she must be smart. But as I was doing my show prep this morning, I came across a video of this segment from Up - the early morning weekend show formerly hosted by Chris Hayes, now with some guy named David Gura, under [...]

4-12-19 Nicole Sandler Show -Dems Eating their Own with Dave Johnson

It's been another week that feels like a year in D'ump's America. Nicole Sandler has a few choice words about Think Progress and their latest attack on Bernie Sanders (both the article and the attached video that they produced!). We welcomed Dave Johnson back to the show to talk about our new, sad reality, and what we can do to change it.

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