4-21-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Forward Together, Not One Step Back

Nicole Sandler invokes the words of the founder of the Moral Mondays movement, Rev. Dr. William Barber in explaining why it's important for Bernie Sanders to keep going. It's the same principle that's giving us Harriet Tubman on the $20! Professor and author Harvey J. Kaye and Professor and author Seth Abramson guest today.

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“Dear Gov. Cuomo, please stop blaming teachers for your failure to support our public school” #MoralMondays

The Rev. William Barber II urges education equality at the NYS Capitol. #MoralMondays #FaithFairNY pic.twitter.com/wAfVD5jN6U — CSEA Local 1000 (@CSEALocal1000) January 12, 2015 A lot of us are loyal liberals, passionate Progressives, devoted Democrats. However, that doesn't mean we blindly support Democrats who don't act like Democrats, at least not if we want this country to evolve and prosper. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is one of those Dems who has given real Progressives pause. And by pause I mean hives. For example, Cuomo attacked teacher pensions in his second inauguration speech. And here's another link you may find interesting. Now back to Moral Monday [...]

Happy Moral Populists

  A group of young Iranians showed their "Happy" side by dancing in a video to Pharrell Williams catchy smash hit song.   Unfortunately, I guess being happy is illegal in Iran. Susie Madrak of Crooks & Liars joined me this morning to talk about this truly sad story. Three men and three women danced unveiled to Pharrell Williams' smash hit in a video that was widely shared on social media, garnering over 30,000 views before it was taken down. Copies have been quickly re-uploaded as news of the arrest has broken, sparking the hashtag #FreeHappyIranians. Many Iranians praised their joyful video, [...]

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