6-3-22 Nicole Sandler Show – ET Phone Earth!

Download here or click below to play, (or watch the video at the bottom of the page!)   This is not a good time to be alive. I'm not saying the alternative is better, just that things around here are pretty messed up... from the effects of climate change which are getting worse each day, to the war and all the killing (Putin is only the tip of that spear), to the rising fascism not only here in the US but around the planet. And the fate of our wonderful democracy? Good thing I'm not a betting woman, as I [...]

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How To Do Your Homework & Double Check The News

  Guest post by Shawn "Smith" Peirce If you ever wanted to know how Randi Rhodes - and other great broadcasters - do their homework? Here's the lesson you've been waiting for. With the end of 'The Randi Rhodes Show', many of Randi's listeners have been expressing deep concern about where they're going to find an information resource quite as effective as her legendary homework page. Thankfully, Randi's staff decided to take on that challenge recently, so her Assistant Producer, Shawn "Smith" Peirce joined guest host Nicole Sandler for a seven step walk-through on how Randi's listeners, Nicole's listeners, or really [...]

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