Peace, Pot & Politics

We covered a lot of territory on today's show... First up, the situation in Ukraine is horribly sad and tragic. And hearing American politicians on both sides of the aisle proclaiming, as John Kerry did, that "in the 21st century, you don't invade another country on completely trumped-up pretext," is hypocrisy defined. Sickening. The Bobsey Twins, McCain and Graham, couldn't be any more sickening in their sabre-rattling in the name of criticizing Obama - going against the previous tenets of "foreign policy ends at the water's edge." They don't stand for anything other than leading that charge that whatever Obama [...]

Peace Wins, For Now Anyway

  The President spoke to the nation last night, essentially delivering two speeches in one. The first one was the one he'd been planning to give for over a week now -- making his case for dropping bombs on Syria. Imploring those of us "on the left" to watch the videos of the dead and dying children.  Really.  As if I don't care about children in need. I do.  But I'd rather my tax dollars were spent actually feeding the millions of children who go to bed hungry each night here in the US, educating the kids who need extra [...]

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