7-12-16 Morning News Roundup

Morning Jumpstart Obama to Dallas: Console, reassure Dallas shootings: Vigil / Doctors speak out Trump veepstakes: He likes the "political" "Trumped!" audio: Hillary/sex/guns/sex Clinton emails: Republicans forge ahead Clinton & Sanders together in NH today South Sudan's leaders order truce Theresa May promises "better Britain" Obama to Dallas: Console, Reassure (NYT, Roll Call, me) • President Obama travels to Dallas today to mourn the deaths of five white police officers gunned down by a black Army veteran. Obama huddled with his speechwriters for much of Monday, hoping to find words that would not only console the families but also reassure [...]

7-11-16 Morning News Roundup

Morning Jumpstart Protesters, police clash Obama to speak: Dallas memorial service RIP: 5 Dallas police officers Dallas gunman planned wider attack: Police Explosions shake South Sudan's capital Trump veepstakes: General? Governor? GOP convention: Fight starts today Sanders to endorse Clinton Tuesday? Protesters, Police Clash (Reuters, WaPo, NYT, AP, NoLa, Politico, TMN, TMN, TMN, me) • Officers stared down hundreds of shouting protesters near a ramp onto I-110 in Baton Rouge, La, Sunday night before another squad in riot gear arrived to make arrests. Earlier Sunday, some 2,000 people rallied outside the Capitol building to protests police killings of black people, [...]

7-21-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Trump Free Zone

Since you can get all the Donald Trump "news" you can digest from anywhere else, we'll ignore the asswipe here. There's plenty of other things about which to get angry. For instance, Wes Clark suggests putting Muslims in internment camps! Cenk Uygur agrees with my assessment of the BLM protest at Netroots. Plus, @GottaLaff is back. Don't worry, I'll still piss someone off today

12-9-14 News Notes

TRNS News Notes is brought to you by Victoria Jones. Victoria Jones is the Chief White House correspondent and global analyst of the Washington DC based Talk Radio News Service, where her insight and analysis are made available to over 400 news talk radio stations around the country and internationally. In the News Sexual threats, power drill in CIA torture report Cromnibus bogs down: Does shutdown loom? Shutdown: Risks grow higher with each hour Obama: Protests "necessary" LeBron James T-shirt / Protests Tamir Rice family wants criminal charges New curbs on racial profiling by feds Obamacare consultant to be grilled [...]

Protests, Sports and Music

On Friday mornings, Nicole Sandler segues into the weekend with her Flashback Friday segments, featuring music interviews & performances from her music radio days. Today, she interviews Melissa Etheridge in real time about the biz, her new album and more. Plus The Nation's Sports Editor Dave Zirin on the intersection of sports and politics and the Rams "John Carlos moment".

The More Things Change…

...the more they stay the same. The photographer who shot that iconic photo at the top of the page was arrested last night in Ferguson, MO. Scott Olsen, a photojournalist for Getty Images, has brought the reality of what's happening in Ferguson to the rest of the world via his amazing photos, many of which can be seen here.  Apparently, the police didn't want Olsen doing his job where he was standing- as if they wanted him to do his job at all.. Scott Olsen wasn't the only member of the media arrested last night. We know of at least [...]

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