I’m Baack!

What a way to return, huh?  I was preparing to ease back into work slowly.  But shortly after I awakened yesterday morning, I got a call from Randi Rhodes' executive producer John Manzo telling me that Randi was sick, and asking if I could fill in for her.  Of course I said yes.  No way I'd turn down that opportunity... So, I sprung into action, and started reading and booking guests for the show. I had already planned to return to do my show last night...so I figured I'd do another marathon broadcasting day.  Unfortunately, it took its toll on [...]

It’s Monday, and Day 70 of the Gulf/BP Disaster

With no end in sight. Ugh. Aside from the ongoing tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico, today was a busy news day. Senator Robert Byrd died this morning. If nothing else, he should be remembered for speaking out against the war in Iraq. Check the bottom of this post for the video of that wise and prescient speech. The Supreme Court ruled against states rights on gun control. I guess we're returning to the wild west. Today is also the last day of this term of the Supreme Court, and the last day Justice John Paul Stevens sits on the [...]

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