Monday Morning Musings

We're at the beginning of a new week... The space shuttle just launched with Gaby Giffords' husband aboard, and the Sunday talk shows had an 8:1 ratio of Republicans to Democrats yesterday. Of course, we'll talk with Nicole Belle about those Sunday shows in hour two... more on that in a bit. Thursday was May 12, and the On May 12 coalition had their big day of action, but you'd never know it if you looked for coverage of the huge numbers of people who marched on Wall Street.  Thank goodness for Allison Kilkenny -journalist and co-host of Citizen Radio, [...]

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Countdown to The Rapture!

My boyfriend David and I were in Ft. Lauderdale the other day, having lunch at the delicious East Coast Burrito Factory when we spotted an interesting billboard.  It was one of the big, expensive ones, and it looked like this: I was intrigued, so I wrote down the url, and looked it up.  It turns out, I recognized the name "Atheist Bob" as someone who used to call into my morning show on WINZ, and reached out to invite him on the show to talk about this.  Atheist Bob Senatore is the president of the group Florida Atheists and Secular [...]

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