Conservative website: “Rubio’s run is just about done.”

The headline quote comes from this conservative site. I hope it's accurate. Back in 2010, I wrote two posts: “Just what is going on here between” Marco Rubio & healthcare lobbyist Amber Stoner?  and The mystery of Marco Rubio & healthcare lobbyist Amber Stoner, Part 2. Link over for the back story and screen grabs from a very public, accessible database of Rubio’s credit card records. Maybe we'll finally get some answers to that lingering question during this election cycle.Via The Political Insider:But now, a new investigation by a South Carolina insider lets us know that a “mistress bombshell” is about to explode! Multiple [...]

It’s All About The Money

Less than an hour after I finished tonight's show, the Senate passed the financial regulation bill by a vote of 59-39.  The two Democrats who voted against cloture yesterday and again today, Russ Feingold and Maria Cantwell, also voted against the final bill.  And I agree with them. They held out because they didn't believe the bill was strong enough. They both wanted amendments brought to the floor that would have strengthened the bill, by bringing back Glass-Steagall and ending "too big to fail." Huffington Post reports: "We need to eliminate the risk posed to our economy by 'too big [...]

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