Nicole Sandler applauds Anonymous for their #HoodsOff action exposing KKK members near Ferguson and elsewhere as tensions rise in expectation of a Grand Jury decision on the fate of the cop who shot Mike Brown. Howie Klein is back with the segment formerly knows as The Steve Israel Hour. Plus, is this the Obama we've been waiting for?

If the Hood Fits

Wow. the truth hurts, huh? Those teabaggers can dish it out, but it seems they can't take it.  Must be the thin sheets skin. Alan Grayson's email was tame, especially compared with the vile hatred he's received since then.  When I asked what kind of response they've seen, the congressman's office sent me a sampling of some of the emails - which really underscore the fact that Grayson's analogy was spot on. From “Kip”: “Well, I would like to inform you that you are equated to a German Nazi!!! … I hope they drum your sorry a** out the next [...]

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