6-15-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Monday Music and More with Jonatha Brooke

Download here or click below to play     Our Monday Music Sunset Sessions series continues with another amazing singer-songwriter, Jonatha Brooke! Of course, we begin as usual with the latest news and information, and today we actually have some good news from the Supreme Court for a change, so we're in a celebratory mood-- unusual for this moment in history. Today's funny was a parody of Cake's "The Distance" courtesy of D5 Family I also promised to post the 60 Minutes segment from last night on the Greenwood massacre, the racist riot that took place in Tulsa, Oklahoma 99 [...]

3-17-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Freedom Restoration, My Ass

Nicole takes on Gov Mike Pence of Indiana, who yesterday signed the "Religious Freedom Restoration Act" that allows business to discriminate against LGBTQ people. Jon Gold guests to talk about the top secret 28 pages of the 9/11 commission report, and his interview about it with former Sen. Bob Graham. And it's Friday, so we'll end with a double musical blast from the past with Aimee Mann and Jonatha Brooke.

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