Whither Walgreens?

I was released from the hospital on Friday and, once we were able to get my prescriptions filled, I settled back in at home and got down to the process of beginning healing. I said that so easily, didn't I? "Once we got the prescriptions filled...."  Now yousettle in and prepare to be pissed! With my folder of discharge instructions, I was given four prescriptions. The main painkiller I'm on is a very powerful narcotic called Dilaudid or generically, Hydromorphone. My crappy United "Healthcare" insurance policy purchased at healthcare.gov requires that I use only Walgreens or Navarro (a chain that [...]

7-9-16 Home Sweet Home

I'm finally home! After a trip to the Emergency Room, a heart attack scare, a fight with United Healthcare, and ambulance ride to a different hospital, and an angiogram, I found out that my heart is actually quite perfect! My cardiologist, the amazing Dr. Michael Chizner, told me that the last thing I have to worry about is my heart. As he explained after the procedure, not only was there no blockage, but my arteries are wide open and clear, and my heart is strong and pumping away, just as nature intended. The elevated levels of the enzyme troponin that [...]


Nicole is back today after a heart scare and a night in the hospital. She explains what happened, and then it's business as usual. A new charter school study and the fallout from keeping women from access to safe, legal abortion. Plus what else happened while Nicole was out...

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