5-24-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Elizabeth Holtzman on Impeaching Trump

We made it to the end of another week, though just barely. As we embark on the Memorial Day weekend and a week with Congress on recess, we're left wondering why Nancy Pelosi is dead set against impeaching the criminal-in-chief, Donald Trump. Today's guest is former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman who was on the House Judiciary Committee in 1974, and voted for three articles of impeachment against Nixon. Her latest book is "The Case for Impeaching Trump"...

11-14-18 Nicole Sandler Show –The Case for Impeaching Trump with Elizabeth Holtzman

Elizabeth Holtzman is a former four-term Democratic Congresswoman from NY, who served on the Judiciary Committee that investigated Nixon and Watergate, and voted to impeach him. Her new book, The Case for Impeaching Trump does what the title implies, it lays out the case for the impeachment of Donald Trump. She's Nicole Sandler's guest today.

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