We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists

    I'm so sick of the dysfunction in this country today.  A broken media that accentuates the slimy and salacious in their quest for ratings over news and integrity.  A government so broken that elected officials are more concerned about appeasing their wealthy benefactors than in representing the people they were elected to help. We're setting sail to the place on the map from which no one has ever returned Drawn by the promise of the joker and the fool by the light of the crosses that burned. Drawn by the promise of the women and the lace and [...]

Strange Days

As Jon Stewart said last night, "This is the weirdest fucking story I've ever seen in my life." But it gets even weirder.  Apparently, the photo that Andrew Breitbart released and has been making the rounds was turned upside down and cropped. Here's the version we've all seen:   And here's the alleged original picture, before it was cropped and turned upside down Now I get why Weiner said it was intended to be a joke that he would DM to a friend.  It certainly looks like an arm and balled-up fist stuck down the shorts.  Yes, funny, in a [...]

Underwater & Unemployed, and Laffy too!

It's a busy Tuesday at Radio or Not. Today is the first Tuesday of our regular Gotta Laff segment.  Sure, we'll share some laughs, but Gotta Laff (aka Laffy) joins the show every Tuesday for a look at some of the best stuff she's shared on her amazing blog, The Political Carnival, over the past week.  Of course that means she and I will share our thoughts and opinions on everything happening in the news.  You're welcome to chime in too -- either in the Ustream chat room or by phone at 800-795-1159.  That's in hour two (7pm ET). We'll [...]

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