Hey Halperin, Who’s the Dick Now?

I knew Mark Halperin was a right wing shill years ago.  I used to host a morning show at then-progressive talk WINZ in Miami (before they changed formats to become the 4th sports talk station in South Florida).   It was still during the 2008 primaries that Halperin wrote a book called "The Undecided Voter's Guide to the Next President".  He was booked on my show, and I quickly noticed his slant to the right, even when he attempted to portray himself as an objective journalist. I've excerpted part of the interview for you here, so you can hear what I [...]

Who’ll Be The Last To Die For A Mistake?

I don't know the answer, but the mistake in Afghanistan will last for, at least, three more years.  In case you didn't hear the president's speech last night, you can watch it here: This morning on my show, I spoke with Derrick Crowe of Rethink Afghanistan and Richard Allen Smith, Vice Chairman of VoteVets to get their opinions. Although their reasons differed slightly, they both agreed with me that the plan doesn't get our troops home nearly quickly enough. If you haven't yet watched Rethink Afghanistan, please follow the link and watch the documentary.  I think that, after you do, [...]

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