A Little Something for Ted Cruz

    So now we learn that the government shutdown that lasted 16 days will cost we the taxpayers around $24 billion.  I say we send Ted Cruz the bill! I don't know if the email address on the invoice is correct, but feel free to post it on his Facebook page, send it to him on Twitter, or email it to his office . So, after Cruz and his followers shut down the government, cost us $24 billion (so much for those fiscal conservatives), and put the good faith and credit of our nation at risk, these asshats got nothing. [...]

What’s the Matter with America?

The picture above is the perfect example of what's wrong with this country: People so stupid they continually vote against their own best interests while those hoarding most of the money do their best to keep the uninformed even more clueless than they already are.  After all, a naive electorate is one that'll allow those in power to grab even more of it. Of course, it's what Thomas Frank's seminal masterpiece, What's the Matter With Kansas, is all about. The author and that book, as well as The Wrecking Crew, another of his brilliant missives, came up yesterday on the [...]

Alan Grayson vs the Fools on the Hill

  Mondays are always a bit difficult.  But coming back to dealing with the ineptitude of our broken political system was doubly difficult after an amazing weekend of music.  But deal we must, and who better to help navigate through the troubled waters than our favorite Congressman Alan Grayson? He led the charge from the House against President Obama's horrific budget proposal to cut Social Security benefits with chained CPI and higher rates for Medicare beneficiaries by writing a letter and helping to gather 2.3 million signatures on petitions, delivered to the White House last week. As for the Fools [...]

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