2-6-23 Nicole Sandler Show – Wendell Potter, Prior Authorizations and Govt Sanctioned Extortion

https://media.zencastr.com/audio-files/5e0cc41aa9798f001400ff98/2a7471d0-59a6-428c-8958-0e991cc2c009.mp3 Click the player above to play, right click the download button below to download the episode, scroll down for the video version The "Government-sanctioned extortion" line is mine... it's what I call the for-profit health insurance industry. Think about it. You have to pay them in order to get the prices they've negotiated for medical care of every stripe. If you don't have insurance, you're charged the "list price," but if you pay your monthly extortion to cabal, then the cost for services is what those two entities negotiated. The bottom line is you'll pay, one way or the [...]