no democrats

Tomorrow is Media Bias Sunday! Or as I like to call it, Librul Media My Ass Sunday. Previously I kept a running tally of all things unfair, unbalanced for years via the infamous TPC Media Bias Sunday Talk scoreboard. Now the series is a regular feature at Radio Or Not.

This week there has been a stunning development: There are NO Democrats listed. None. Zilch. Nada. Goose egg. Not one Democrat has been invited to offer their opinion.

Let’s not beat around the Jebya Bush: No matter who’s in the White House or runs Congress, the corporate media nearly always has more GOP guests appearing on Sunday talk shows than Democratic guests, many of them to the right of right. Tea party right. “Planned Parenthood ate your babies” right.

This week, there was yet another shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic. So who dominates the guest lists on Sunday? Republicans.

When the opposing party had their debates, who filled more talk show seats? Republicans. When a Democrat is in the White House, who are viewers more exposed to on Sunday mornings? Republicans. When there’s a GOP president, which party outnumbers the other on Sunday? Republican.

And guess what? This week Grampy McBombBomb and his sidekick Li’l Lindsey “Kids Table” Graham are back to beat the ol’ war drums. But NOT. ONE. DEMOCRAT.

Time to take a sneak preview of what’s coming up on the Big Media Bias Sunday Talker Line-Up per the Los Angeles Times… okay? Okay.

This is not a complete list of political guests and is subject to change at the whim of the Corporate Media. I try not to include panels, because they usually include mostly Republicans, and if there are “Democrats,” they’re about as “liberal” as, well, Harold Ford.

And as you may have noticed, Fox is not included, because, well come on, what’s the point?

ABC’s “This Week” — Dr. Ben Carson (R);  Gov. John Kasich (R).

CBS’ “Face the Nation” — Jeb Bush (R); Dr. Ben Carson (R); Sen. John McCain (R); Sen. Lindsey Graham (R).

CNN’s “State of the Union” — Mike Huckabee (R); Rep. Michael McCaul  (R).

NBC’s “Meet the Press” — Donald Trump (R)… AGAIN! Dr. Ben Carson (R).

It’s time to do the math:

Red Rs + Red Rs, carry the pi, divided by D, times Bias, minus even-handedness… calculating…

Total: 10 Rs, ZERO Ds. Please feel free to check the addition and political affiliations.

There it is: Your librul media at work.