There’s too much savagery everywhere, so I thought we’d soothe some breasts (and lungs?) today.

I had my first appointment with the oncologist today at the time I’m usually on the air. So I decided to pull some of my old music artist interviews from the archives and play them back today. So, h this is today’s playlist:

  •  Aug 29, 2009 · Air America Radio · Nicole Sandler Show  · Billy Bragg joined me to discuss his new project – Beethoven/ Bragg, in which he helped arrange and record an updated version of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.”  He embarks on a US tour in September. @billybragg on Twitter.
  • May 1996 · Interview for Westwood One ·  Ray Davies had been on my show at KSCA fm 101.9 in Los Angeles a few weeks earlier. He was promoting his book, X-Ray, and the new album from The Kinks To The Bone. As he was headed back home to the UK, I met him at the airport to continue our conversation.
  • October 16, 2008 · Air America Radio   · Guest hosting The Thom Hartmann Show  · Two months earlier, Melissa Etheridge performed a rousing medley of songs at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. We spoke just about three weeks before election day when Barack Obama was elected our 44th President of the United States.
  • March 2010  · Radio or Not  · Jackson Browne joined me at Threshold Sound studios in Santa Monica for a fascinating conversation about his music and activism. Although we had been trying to get him on my Air America show for almost a year, it never came together. Finally, he and I were in Los Angeles at the same time and we were able to get it scheduled, but it was about six weeks after Air America Radio went off the air. It was still a great conversation, from the early days of this show online.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the latest news – both personally and Democratically (or not) speaking with GottaLaff, a couple of South Florida Bernie Sanders delegates at the convention, and we’ll take your calls too about all that transpired on Day 1 of the Democratic convention.