And on some days, the less said, the better.

That said… today on the show, I reached out to listener Jeremy Boulat.  He’s an American living in Japan.  He emailed me last month, after I asked who was out there listening.  Then, the earthquake hit, followed by the tsunami, followed by radiation fears from the crippled plants of mass destruction at Fukushima.

Jeremy sent this email out to some of his friends last week:

Dear friends…

This is Jeremy. As you know, I live in Japan.  And recently, Japan
we’ve been hit with a very huge, 9.0 magnitude earthquake. The ground
shook so much that I could barely stand up, and buildings and bridges
swayed like rubber bands.  Now thousands of people are dead, and even
more are homeless…

I made a little video…

Every day we are still shaken by earthquakes, and the tsunami’s of
last Friday were devastating.  Last year you all came together for
Haiti.  Two years before that many of you helped out Myanmar in the
wake of Cyclone Nargis.  In 2004 you all helped out the victims of the
devastating tsunami in the Indian Ocean which killed over 250,000

Now it’s time to come together and donate to charities that help
Japan.  We need your help!  Lend a hand…




Please follow these links to donate…. and please forward this email
to as many people as you can!

?Lady gaga – Japan Earthquake Relief
?Union Bank!5781182/did-your-donation-really-reach-japan-probably-not
?For people who has tumblr…
?Japan’s earthquake: How to help…
?Canadian red cross
?British red cross
?German? viewers?groupon…
?caritas-international?For your German watchers
?aktion deutschland hilf?Erdbeben Japan
?2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami
?Earthquake and Tsunami Response – Japan for Direct Relief International
?Pacifique : séisme et tsunami au Japon — secours populaire france…
?Croce Rossa Italiana
?American Airlines American Red Cross Online Donation Site…
?How To Help Japan: Earthquake Relief Options…
?google crisis response

Following that emotional chat with Jeremy, I reached out to my friend Jason Leopold – deputy managing editor at, where his latest piece is now posted: EXCLUSIVE: CIA Psychologist’s Notes Reveal True Purpose Behind Bush’s Torture Program.

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