Yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling allowing explicitly Christian prayers to open town council meetings across America struck a blow right down the line separating church and state, further taking America back to the days before the Declaration of Independence.

The Republican Regressive Party won’t be satisfied until we are ruled by the church, and once again belong to the flat-earth society.

Today, the White House released the most comprehensive study on climate change ever, and the Regressives are, once again, denying science. 

Just take a look at the four geniuses Republicans vying for their party’s nomination today to run against Sen. Kay Hagen in the US Senate race from North Carolina

That’s really all you need to know, if you vote Republican.

However, if you care about your grandchildren’s future grandchildren and their ability to live on this planet, perhaps you should read an article or the study itself. Just sayin’… We’ll get into it further on Thursday morning.

This morning, I welcomed Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-founder and co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation to the show to discuss the Supreme Court’s unconstitutional ruling. 

One tiny step forward, five giant leaps backwards….

As she does every Tuesday, GottaLaff also joined in from The Political Carnival

And, oh yeah, Benghazi. We are so doomed….