Ian Dury and the Blockheads with a good description of today’s show.


Sex and Drugs

Those santimonious hypocrites posing as the religious righteous on their high horses can go fuck themselves, and they soon may have to do so.  Hey guys – you take away our birth control, you will never get laid again.

Hey Marco Rubio, I’m talking to you with your sanctimonious Religious Freedom Protection Act of 2012.

I called Rubio’s office this morning on the show and asked why he hates women.  This pandering piece of horrible legislation would allow ANY business or corporation to refuse its employees coverage for birth control based on their personal religious beliefs or moral convictions.

I asked if they’d put an exemption in for the Church of Scientology so they wouldn’t have to cover psychiatry and psychiatric meds.  How about the Jehova’s Witnesses who don’t believe in blood transfusions.  Should they not be required to provide insurance coverage for that for their employees?

And what about the Christian Scientists, who don’t believe in using doctors at all?

This isn’t about others putting their beliefs on the Catholics/ anti-choice people; it’s about the Catholics / anti-choice assholes pushing their beliefs on us.  It’s not about religion, it’s about stupidity..  And they want to impose their stupidity on the rest of us.  No, thanks.

It’s about them not wanting you to have sex and drugs, I guess.

Rock and Roll

Congratulations to Adele! It’s great to see real music win accolades from across all styles.  Bruce rocked it.  “We Take Care of Our Own”  speaks to the moral conscience of this country.  Hey GOP and the 1%, listen to Bruce.

Also on the show today, I was joined by David Dayen of FireDogLake news who brought us up to date on the shitty foreclosure fraud settlement deal.

And as she does every Monday, Nicole Belle of Crooks and Liars joined in with Fools on the Hill –  the Sunday talking head shows…

Another Sunday, another day of Republicans telling us that their extremist views are the norm, all polls to the contrary.

Like Peggy Noonan, who calls the “left of the Democratic base” *extreme*. Why? For supporting reproductive rights. No, seriously.

On the issue of reproductive rights, Mitch McConnell—who really needs to lay off the Botox—tells Bob Schieffer that any employer should be able to deny contraceptive services. I seriously can’t wrap my head around the notion that we must re-litigate contraception services. But again, never let it be said that there isn’t anything Republican Party wouldn’t do to appeal to the one percent. Even if it’s the one percent of the population who wants to deprive women of contraception (and the therapeutic medicinal value of many contraceptive drugs).

Rick Santorum got into the fray as well on contraception. He told David Gregory that lack of insurance coverage wouldn’t deny women access to birth control. They could just pay for it, doncha know? Of course, he doesn’t explain how women living in reduced circumstances now, thanks to Republican Party policies, are supposed to pay for it.

Speaking of paying for contraception, Paul Ryan told George Stephanopoulos that the Obama administration’s compromise to say that religious employers wouldn’t have to pay for contraceptive coverage but the insurance companies would was nothing more than an “accounting gimmick.” Hard to argue the point, but considering that the entire Bush administration was nothing more than accounting gimmicks to hide the burgeoning deficit, thanks to tax cuts and two wars in the Middle East, not to mention his own ridiculous budget proposal, I’d say that Ryan shouldn’t throw stones.

But I don’t want you to think that it was nothing but conservatives slut-shaming women for having sexual lives. Jack Lew, the new White House Chief of Staff, had to really talk down David Gregory from demanding the austerity measures here in the US that have worked oh-so-well across Europe. David Gregory, happy member of the DC Village Elite, comfortably ensconced within the one percent, thinks that the only answer for America is to reduce the services we give to the poor and elderly.

And if there’s time, George Soros wins the award for the most obvious soundclip—which not one member of the media will admit that they know and never acknowledge with their guests: Republicans are cynically hurting the American economy for political gain.