The old saying goes, “Information is Power.” So the powerful don’t want you to have information. They keep secrets and continuously lie to us.

The most blatant example of that is the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiation process. It’s been done in total secrecy and we’ve been lied to about what’s in it.  Just consider why a “trade deal” would have to be top secret.

Last week, while we were metaphorically stuck on the George Washington Bridge with Chris Christie, a bill was introduced by Max Baucus in the Senate and Dave Camp in the House that would rush the TPP through the process using “fast track authority.

Dave Johnson, a fellow at the Campaign for America’s Future, has been writing about this problem – with an emphasis on our trade deficit (about which our elected officials are, for the most part, totally ignorant. He joined me this morning for a fascinating discussion.

Just before I brought @GottaLaff on for our regular Tuesday morning get together, a news alert crossed my Twitter feed saying that a DC appeals court had struck down the FCC rules on Net Neutrality.  I immediately called my expert on Net Neutrality, Tim Karr of and, who proclaimed this “Defcom 5.”  Stay tuned. This one is a battle we can’t afford to lose!

Later today, Chris Christie will deliver his State of the State address.  I’m betting that he doesn’t mention his problems with the lane closures of the GW Bridge or, what may be a bigger problem for him, the investigation into his misuse of Sandy relief fund to produce and run TV ads featuring he and his family while in the midst of a re-election campaign.

Laffy and I did have some time for snark at Christie’s expense too…

Tomorrow, we’ll chat with Susie Madrak of Crooks and Liars, and get an update on the lies we’re being told about how bad things are due to Fukushima with’s Harvey Wasserman.  In the meantime, learn something  by listening to Dr. Helen Caldicott…