Although it wasn’t unexpected, the news in the last couple of hours that Walter Cronkite has died brings sadness. He reminds us of a time when the news actually was the news, and not considered entertainment. It was a public service and considered a loss leader by the networks.

Although we won’t dwell too much on the death of Uncle Walter tonight, I will have a unique tribute to him to open the show tonight. I’ll post it here and podcast it tomorrow, just in case you don’t have the chance to hear it tonight.

After a week of Senate confirmation hearings, which will lead to the confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor as our next Supreme Court Justice, I thought we’d speak with my old friend Amy Simon. She’s full of info about woman, so I gave her the assignment to bring us some stories about other female pioneers… a class that Sotomayor will soon join.

And since it’s Friday night, we’ll take on the topic of sex again. This time, in the context of education. I’ll be joined by Dr. Sorah Dubitsky, who teaches psychology classes at Florida International University that focus on what is optimal human development. Specifically, tonight’s theme will be Why do we have sex? And the answer to that question will determine the quality of the experience. Sorah has a 2007 study that identified 237 reasons that college students gave for having sex… some of them are very funny.

And I’ll wrap up the show with a visit from my Air America colleague Jack Rice, for a fun, frank discussion about the news of the day.

Of course, all that might change. If you really want to talk about Walter Cronkite, we can do that. It’s up to you. 866-303-2270.