I have the utmost respect for the men and women of the military. As much as I love my country, or the ideals my country stands for (stood for?), I’m not prepared to go to war and die for it. Just being honest here…

Retired Marine Corporal Rick Reyes was. He enlisted in the Marines before 9/11 and, after we were attacked, was ready to do whatever it took to protect us.

As we discussed on Air America today, he’s still protecting us; this time by speaking out about what he saw, felt and knew after fighting in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He’s still fighting for our freedoms by testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, imploring those in charge to rethink what we’re doing over there before voting to approve another massive war funding bill in the next few weeks.

Scroll down to my earlier post to watch Cpl. Reyes’s testimony from last week, and the beautiful piece put together by Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Films, juxtaposing Reyes’ testimony with similar testimony delivered 38 years earlier by a young John Kerry who, perhaps not so coincidentally, chairs today’s Committee…

I put together a couple of production pieces that aired before my conversation with Rick Reyes today. The first, a duet of sorts between that young John Kerry as he testified in 1971 and Bruce Springsteen, whose song “The Last to Die” was based on that very testimony. Listen to it here.

The second married together Cpl. Reyes’ testimony with Edwin Starr’s classic “War.” You can hear that one by clicking here.

And you can listen to my interview with Rick Reyes in its entirety here.

Rick Reyes is now a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. He’ll be participating in a few event in the Los Angeles area next week…

On Saturday May 9, he’ll be at the Los Angeles Southwest Winter Soldier: Iraq & Afghanistan, hosted by the LA Chapter of IVAW, at Haberson Hall at Pasadena City College, from 9am-4:30 PM. For info, contact wendy@ivaw.org.

On Sunday, May 10, he’ll take part in the Military Moms Speak Out on Mother’s Day rally, from noon-2 where the Arlington West will be on display at the north side of Santa Monica Pier. For more info on this event, contact Tina Richards at mfso@tinarichards.us.