It’s Thursday, so Howie Klein was with us. Before the show, he joked on Twitter

When I asked him about that, his mood changed as he explained that he received a threatening phone call telling him to take down that post. The call came from an unknown person, to his unlisted number.

These are scary times. But as Howie reminded us, last week, 35% of Americans said they already wanted to see D’ump impeached. Today, that number is up to 40%. In the meantime, we must keep our eyes on the prize — the House of Representatives in 2018! Visit the Blue America 2018 page to keep track of the best progressives running (and help them out if you can!).

In addition to everything else, Boca Brit Somers has been hanging with us all week (most of next week too!) to prepare to fill in for me while I’m on vacation 2/14-17!