NBC’s Red Meat the Press host Chuck Todd lost complete control of last Sunday’s show (The Ladies at The View would’ve cross talked less) and inadvertently got some highly useful intel out to the snarking viewer.

On this guy: Rudy noun, verb, 9/11 Giuliani.

I’d be hard-pressed to be as professional as Professor Dyson — who stayed excruciatingly calm in the face of this deeply offensive display of Rudy cray cray. Which would somehow make Todd’s ineptitude So much more noticeable.

The Mayoral Insolence carried on, and framed the melee perfectly. Video from NBC News.


Now for the juicy bit … America’s Former Mayor sprinted over to Fvx microphones within hours. Not to clarify, reinsert context, add background. No. Rudy is one of the gutsier political gamblers — of the higher and roller circles — who like to be double dog dared and collect on some promises of friendly locker room ass-slapping.

Hope Rudy’s dress is still available from the SNL wardrobe room.

For insight into the lame and peculiar devotion engendered to bestir Rudy a ‘base’, look no further than Public Asshat Alex Jones. From RightWingWatch.

“InfoWars” Regressive host Alex Jones insisted today that the demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri, and elsewhere are all part of a grand plot to bring about racial violence and another civil war in America.

Jones warned that the Ferguson protests will lead to a government attack on the Tea Party and “the attempted takedown of the Republic,” adding that there will be an “attempt to start a civil war, playing the people off against the police and people off against each other racially.”

“Minorities, who are really the majority now in most areas, will see the Democratic Party as their Kapo in the prison,” Jones continued. “The UN’s the warden and they’ve got us all in racial gangs and we’re all in a prison together like a bunch of chumps.”