It’s difficult to hold on to positive thoughts in the wake of such abysmal election results, but today I’m trying.

I think one of the reasons for the dramatic losses suffered by the Democrats was their inability to spotlight the positive gains they’ve made in the past six years and their reliance on over-negative finger-pointing at everyone else.

One thing we can be grateful for today is that the DCCC will no longer be run by Steve Israel!  But that creates a little work for us – we need a new name for The Steve Israel Hour (sponsored by Little Debbie)… won’t you help?

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We’ll come up with a list compiled of your suggestions on Monday morning when Howie is here, then we’ll put our favorites up for a vote. Now that’s democracy! And hopefully by then we’ll have more news of changes in Democratic party leadership to announce too!

Today on the show, editor and publisher of The Nation, Katrina vanden Heuvel, joined me to talk about what went wrong on Tuesday and how President Obama should move forward. We also spent a few minutes talking about her recent trip to Moscow to interview Edward Snowden. 

Amy Simon took some time out from She’s History to talk a bit about women and movies and that fact that over the last fifty years or so, the number of Oscar-winning best pictures that featured a woman in the main role could be counted on one hand.

Tomorrow, we’ll wrap up a long, difficult week with a couple of Flashback Friday musical diversions, and whatever else the day brings, radio or not!