If you’ve listened to the show regularly, you know that I rarely take a morning off. But I must do that today. I’m still sidelined by whatever it is that has been trying to keep me down for a couple of weeks already…

So, I’ll be resting, as per the doctor’s orders.

Today, during our regular time together, I invite you to listen to any of my past shows,  all available for your listening or viewing pleasure at those links.

On our 24/7 stream, I’ll be playing back the August 15 show, which featured a must-hear conversation with Greg Palast, and a Flashback Friday segment with Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders.

So, head on over to the live broadcast/chat page to listen, or just click the player below… That show begins at 10ET, but the past week’s shows run continuously on that channel, so you can listen until you too are sick of me.

Planning on seeing you tomorrow, live, radio or not!