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At the start of today’s show, I was sounding like the eternal optimist.  I said that my faith in humankind has been restored due to the amazing response I’ve gotten from my plea for help with funds to get my daughter into a program this summer that she truly needs.

But  by the end of the program, after talking with Jesse LaGreca, best known for his schooling of a Fox producer at OWS’ Zuccotti Park – though everyone should read his MinistryofTruth blog at Daily Kos, and‘s Russ Baker, I was as pessimistic about the future of our country as ever.

In the middle, I placed a call – yet again – to the DNC, asking why they haven’t given a dime to help support the recall of Scott Walker in Wisconsin.  You can call too –  202-863-8000!

Tomorrow, the role that right wing talk radio is playing in Wisconsin, and comedian/actor/pundit John Fugelsang!