There’s a fairly large portion of the population who believe things that make absolutely no sense in the real world. They buy the bullshit from the hucksters and con-men and opportunists and religious zealots who tell them that health care as a basic human right is a bad thing, and that cutting taxes for the richest of the rich – while increasing the burden on the working class and the unemployed – is the right thing to do.

It’s Opposite World. Where up is down, bad is good, and things that are just plain wrong are right!

It’s populated by people who believe that cutting services to people in need, cutting unemployment benefits, cutting education budgets, and cutting funding to take care of the neediest among us while continuing to give huge subsidies to giant oil companies (who are still raking up record profits) is the way to make things better?

When the Republican party drops any semblance of responsibility to serving the country in favor of serving their biggest campaign donors and then defend it as doing what’s in the best interests of our country, that is opposite world.  The most infuriating thing about it is that there are so many brainless dolts in this country who buy their brand of nonsense.

And now, we have the craziest of the so-called tea party wing of  what’s left of the Republican party calling the shots, threatening a government shut-down over their demands to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood. Seriously?  I’m absolutely dumfounded.

I should have posted this blog yesterday, but am in the midst of my own personal crisis, as I’m trying to overcome the non-stop obstacles that keep dropping in front of me to get out from under my underwater house.  Yes, it’s being sold in a short sale.  And with it goes my life savings…  At least I know the future is bright, right? Or not.

Yesterday on the show

Yesterday’s show is posted here, as I was too inundated with life’s demands to write this missive…

In addition to my ranting about the incredible delusions of Donald Trump…. I spoke with Angelo Carusone of Media Matters (aka @StopBeck) about the end of Glenn Beck’s show on the fake news network, and comedian John Fugelsang helped me end the broadcast week with a smile.

And only because I said I would post it here, this is the “Morning Joe” segment that made my head explode…