This morning on my show at Radio Or Not, we recapped yesterday’s historic day at the Supreme Court.  Shane-O was there for both days of hearings on marriage equality, and joined in during our regular Talk Radio News segment to fill us in on what he saw and heard.

The best part of the day for me, not being inside the Supreme Court, was hearing Edie Windsor talk about her battle. (Windsor’s comments come in at the 7:30 mark)

Julianna Forlano joined me in the first hour of this morning’s show to talk about this week’s hearings and other stories in the news …

And I shared some of the newly-released information out of Newtown (including information we got from the NY Daily News’ Mike Lupica 10 days ago), and this new ad from Mayors Against Illegal Guns:

This afternoon on The Randi Rhodes Show, we’ll delve a little further into religious hypocrisy with author/columnist K.C. Boyd who wrote about how the religious right is undermining education for Salon, and how the religious zealots are imposing their beliefs on the US military.

We’ll also talk with Jim Dean, executive director of Democracy for America, who is launching a “Purple to Blue” campaign to take back state legislatures around the country, beginning in Virginia!