I incurred the wrath of the RWNJ machine this weekend after a RT.  (For the un-initiated, RT is twitter-code for “re-tweet,” meaning I reposted another person’s tweet to my followers.)

In this case, I re-tweeted something from @OsborneInk, who had written of Andrew Breitbart’s scheduled appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher Friday night, “.@BillMaher shouldn’t have Breitbart on his show. He’s poisonous to democracy & ought to be shunned.” I added my two cents to the original tweet, “I hope he’s called out”.

I actually wanted Breitbart to be a guest on the show, and have Maher question him about his psycopathic bent for malicious editing, lying and simply making shit up. But that’s not what happened.

Instead, Breitbart had a seat on the panel, and the chyron on screen identified him as a journalist. If fabricating stories and using creating editing to make things constitutes journalism, then I’m a brain surgeon.

The other panelists were Family Guy creator Seth McFarland, and right wing radio host Amy Holmes.   I know that Bill Maher has a tough time getting so-called conservatives to appear on his show, thus the 22 appearances by Christine O’Donnell on Politically Incorrect, but this panel was insulting.  Poor McFarland, not usually at a loss for words, couldn’t get one it edgewise!

Now, about that RWNJ brigade… for re-tweeting what @OsborneInk wrote and adding that “I hope he’s called out,” I was treated to such lovely missives as

From @clper64:  @nicolesandler you mean ought to be censored? you liberal nazi. shut down the argument you cant win….typical libtard.

I was accused of things I don’t really understand…

From @ChrisBuckley10:  @nicolesandler Because veiled comments ensure deniability… Check urself b4 u wreck urself.

And of saying things I never said…

From @claymonster:  @nicolesandler you’re right. Bill Maher IS poisonous to democracy.

I know that no one ever suggested they had a brain, but really, the idiocy of some of these people is astounding.  No wonder they have Sarah Palin as their role model.