I don’t have much time to write this today, as I have to take my kid to a doctors appointment shortly… But I did want to give links from today’s show, and write a few words about fairness, which was the overarching theme of today’s show.

My friend Cliff Schecter summed up some of it beautifully for Politico:

Only in America.

We have a system where each candidate for high office only has to befriend there very own pet oligarch – be it Adelson, Foster Freiss, etc. – and they can run for office forever, as their friendly billionaire gives money to their Super Pac in an entirely “uncoordinated” manner.

We have top government officials who have admitted to allowing torture, but they are free. Wall Street hot shots who lied to their clients and then bet against them. But not one prosecution. And on and on.

But we are really wasting our time and effort on John Edwards? I’m sorry, but I really can’t get worked up about violations of our campaign finance laws, when they are a complete joke. And when people who did far worse don’t even need to hide it.

It is fun for everyone to hate John Edwards right now, because that allows us to project all of that’s wrong onto one man. What he did was terrible, but there are likely thousands, if not tens of thousands of people who who have done things much worse, that have legitimately hurt scores of people, and they will never see the inside of a courtroom. And that is what is shameful.

Of course, I’m talking bigger picture here… with the Supremes today hearing arguments on Arizona’s SB1070 “Papers Please” racial profiling law.  I discussed that with Henry Fernandez, spokesman for Reform America’s Immigration Laws in the last half-hour of the show.

I began with my second conversation this week with the awesome Greg Palast, this time because the first arrest was made yesterday in conjunction with the BP disaster… unfortunately, it was a scapegoat instead of someone truly responsible for the humongous mess they created.

Then I spoke with Andrew Gumbel, author of the new book Oklahoma City: What the investigation missed – and why it still matters

And President Obama joined Jimmy Kimmel on TV last night to talk about student loan rates doubling in July… in a creative way….