Charlie Gibson got Sarah first. Then it was Katie Couric’s turn. And now, less than two weeks before election day, NBC’s Brian Williams got a chance to sit down with both Sarah Palin and John McCain.

According to NBC Political Director Chuck Todd, who does a good job of not allowing his political proclivities to show, said that the chemistry between the two was lacking so much so that they appeared as if two people who had just been plucked off the street and told they’d be doing an interview together.

We’ll get two more nights of this, as NBC will stretch it out– because, as Williams said, “There’s a lot of television there.” Here’s part 1 for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to enjoy Palin’s interesting use of the English language at the beginning…

Yesterday afternoon, I recorded an interview with New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. I aired it on the WFTL morning show today. It’s a strange situation over there, where I’m one of the only liberal-leaning people in the building. I’ll post it here later today as part of today’s Radio or Not. Please bear with me as I try to figure out a schedule to participate in the WFTL morning show and produce and upload each day’s podcast.

This afternoon, I’ll be recording an interview with Senator John Kerry, and will have that for you tomorrow on the air, as well as here at Radio or Not.

The phones were lighting up with callers a bit upset with my viewpoints, but that’s a good thing. I hope you’ll call in and support me too, at 877-850-8585.