I just found out that my 91-year-old Father In Law has decided to retire his Joke Posts, the ones I post here every Monday. It’s one of those End of an Era moments.

You can find them here. If you skim through them, you’ll see that they read like a stand-up comedian’s history of politics, snapshots of what we’ve been through together week after week, year after year.

Thank you all for your laughter and comments of support. He loved reading them. When he and M.I.L. moved to their new digs so that she could get the care she needs, computer program issues deterred F.I.L. from continuing. The formatting changes became a pain in the ass, a headache that signaled that this might be the right time to pack it in. But F.I.L. is still hilarious and who knows? Maybe he’ll miss writing and go back to some version of what he called his “Gags Gang” newsletter.

So that’s that. He had an amazing TV career, capped by those posts. Together, we’ll keep finding more and different ways to get laughs from the atrocities that are TrumpCo.

Because you GottaLaff, or you cry, right?