Yes, it’s time to steal a few more jokes from my father-in-law (F.I.L.). His blog posts range from political comedy to humorous commentary on pop culture.

For those of you who might be new here, he used to write for Alan King, Milton Berle and Jonathan Winters, just to name a few. And all those Dean Martin Roasts, too: Don Rickles, Red Buttons, Phyllis Diller, Sammy Davis, Jr., etc. A tiny respite from all the frustrating events of the day:

PRESIDENT TRUMP gave out Halloween candy to kids at the White House. A little weird. While the kids were playing trick-or-treat, the White House was playing trick-or-treason.

Krispy Kream locations were giving out free donuts for Halloween when you came in wearing a costume. It’s the perfect way to kick off the “Holiday Diabetes Season.”

TRUMP’S former campaign manager, PAUL MANAFORT, was charged with fraud, tax evasion and money laundering as part of the Russia investigation. I don’t want to say Trump’s nervous, but he just exchanged his Black Limo for a White Ford Bronco — and took off down the highway.

MANAFORT was also charged with conspiracy against the United States. Apparently his “conspiracy against the U.S. was suggesting to DONALD TRUMP that he run for President.

Another TRUMP adviser, GEORGE PAPADOPOULOS, pled guilty to lying to the FBI about meeting with Russians in 2016. The FBI would have issued an arrest warrant sooner, but they had a hard time spelling PAPADOPOULOS.

In a tweet TRUMP called him GEORGE after about 30 attempts at spelling PAPADOUPULOS.

IVANKA TRUMP had a surprise birthday party last weekend. If there’s one thing you want to do when everyone is facing indictments is jump out and yell, “Surprise!”

TRUMP’S approval rating has fallen to a historical all-time low of 33%. In response, TRUMP said, “You hear that? Historic! I’m in the history books!”

We just saw the HOUSTON ASTROS beat the LOS ANGELS DODGERS and become the World champions. Or as DAVID BLACKBURN put it, “Congratulations LA DODGERS, for successfully having avoided meeting with PRESIDENT TRUMP.”

After HOUSTON won, ASTROS shortstop CARLOS COPPEA got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend live on TV. It was a beautiful moment. Although it confused DONALD TRUMP who said, “Now baseball players are kneeling at the game too?”

TRUMP is off to Asia and is anxious to visit China’s “Great Wall’ and find out how they got Japan to pay for it.

TRUMP, who has always been not too interested in older women, says he’s a perfect partner with China. Even their “Egg Foo” is “Young.”