Geeking out over Elizabeth Warren again. Plus the Senator knows how to lay out the truth in a Mark Twainish manner. Everything to love.

From the New York Times.



Senator Elizabeth Warren Tells Trump: ‘Nasty Women Vote’

In introducing Hillary Clinton, the senator said, “We nasty women are going to march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes” against Donald Trump.


Well behaved women rarely make history‘ is one of the all-time shining common wisdom phrases that culturally scored and stuck.

Every time I see some prime Warren barnstorming on the Hillary Stump, I go right to that epic adage. And feel a bit more ill behavior coming down the trail.

This rallying cry of a factual assertion is just brilliant of Warren:  “We nasty women are going to march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes”

[against Donald Trump].

The NYT article continued to probe the gal-pal relationship and analyze the plumb line on Warren’s effectiveness as an anti-Trump surrogate slash suffragette.


… the two Democrats have since formed a warm alliance. Ms. Warren was vetted as a possible running mate and has proved a potent surrogate, bringing her populist appeal and quirky straight talk to a campaign that has struggled to connect with young voters and liberals.

And few surrogates have been able to rattle Mr. Trump like Ms. Warren, who has called the Republican nominee a “thin-skinned bully who thinks humiliating women at 3 a.m. qualifies him to be president.”

Isn’t one of Warren’t best stealth weapons her dry wit taking large bites out of Trump’s fanny? I just adore this woman, and I feel she is going to mend some fences for anti-Trumpers everywhere in the left leaning ranks.  Besides Bernie she is articulating our hearts in an unprecedented way. i.e. the brilliant skewer below, still from the Times piece.

On Monday, Ms. Warren took furious aim at Mr. Trump’s comments about women and the sexual assault allegations against him.


“He thinks that because he has a mouthful of Tic Tacs that he can force himself on any woman within groping distance,” she said, alluding to Mr. Trump’s mention of the breath freshener in a 2005 recording in which he boasted about forcing himself on women.

Ms. Warren has directed her singular brand of venom at the Obama administration, in which policy negotiations often include aides raising the caveat of “What would Elizabeth Warren say?”

“She’s a very powerful ally to have on your side, but it’s well known that she’s a very formidable opponent to have working against you,” said Adam Green, a co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

There is yuuuuge down ballot power here. Women know how to get things done, it’s always and hisorically the lady burden to just seamlessly execute life.

No matter your feelings about the Clintons, having two women of this calibre — and the progressive chutzpah of Jill Stein for a third —  empowered and leading the charges, is just varying degrees of satisfying to the global female soul.