I didn’t see this when it happened live, and for good reason. Usually if Zerlina Maxwell is on the panel, I change the channel.

It’s too bad, I thought, because I generally appreciate John Harwood as a decent journalist and, from the little I know of Mimi Rocah as a former prosecutor for the SDNY, I figured she must be smart.

But as I was doing my show prep this morning, I came across a video of this segment from Up – the early morning weekend show formerly hosted by Chris Hayes, now with some guy named David Gura, under the headline of MSNBC Panelist: Bernie Sanders ‘Makes My Skin Crawl,’ I Don’t See Him as ‘Pro-Woman Candidate’.  OK, I was intrigued. I clicked.

And yeah, she did. She said that. She gave no reason for her alleged physical reaction to the man I think of as grandfatherly. It was just a string of ad-hominem attacks from a woman who should know better, while Zerlina Maxwell looked smugly on with her self-satisfied smile. Blechh.

What about Bernie could ever make a woman like Mimi Rocah’s skin crawl? It must be his age, or that he’s an old Jewish man, perhaps. Just trying to figure this one out, since she gave us not even a hint about the source of her heebie jeebies. And evidence, madam prosecutor, that Bernie is not a “pro-woman candidate” please. Anything? Bueller?

I should take this moment to point out that this was not an usual segment for MSNBC. If I had to guess, I’d say they planned for at least one such Bernie diss per show.

Fellow traveler Winkle the BernieBro posted a short video that proves my point.

So it’s no wonder that, during our recent interview, Joy Reid wouldn’t admit that the DNC had the fix in against Bernie Sanders in 2016 (so much so that she hung up and ended the interview), but I don’t believe very much has changed on that front either. To be continued….