It was a great time at Netroots Nation! I’m finally home and able to post the show we did live from the exhibit hall Thursday morning.

Once things got rolling, it was a non-stop parade of wonderful guests including Sam Seder,’s Jason Leopold, Progressive Congress’ Darcy Burner, Adam Bink of Courage Campaign, consultant/pundit Cliff Schecter, Teacher Ken (of Daily Kos), Sally Kohn, Mark Levine, Democracy for America Executive Director Ashad Hasan, congressional candidate Norman Solomon, and comedian Matthew Filipowitz.

I’ll share more with you on the show tomorrow and the rest of the week.  Stay tuned for my conversations with Gov. Howard Dean, Dan Choi, Congressman Raul Grijalva, Congresswoman Donna Edwards, the two Democrats who are running against Allen West, and more.

And I’ll tell you the whole story about my encounter with James O’Keefe and my attempt to get him to answer some questions.