Among the many things I dig about being able to share Laffy’s page here at Radio or Not is the opportunity for random pop-up posts.

[Working on the logistics of knowing how much food to prep for the Flash Pop-up.] Your digital Flash Mob of sheer random fun that make souls lighter on a whimsical  bandwidth that I imagine only grandparents feel.

Did a piece a week or so back on the retro of Saturday Night Live that has been playing for nearly all of its 19 day stretch of their entire catalogue.  It will kill what ails you, I promise. They’re going new to old, so the real gems will be at the end,  which means a lot to the older folk.

Tonight’s Not-Live from 30 Rock show promises to be fantastic, again, but at this moment there’s a classic on old school NBC featuring a hilarious 1990 cast including a young Patrick Swayze.

So Amy Adams as host and One Direction bringing the music — this post might have needed a boy band warning.

No need to keep it under 140 characters, and salty language is encouraged by management. Our hostess Nicole Sandler’s early broadcasting career was all about the bass … and the treble and the rock and roll in L.A. and New York so the music vibe here is just woven right in.

Open bar in the back,  it is Saturday Night.

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