With the Extreme Court allegedly poised to hand down the final decisions for this term over the next two days, we’re joined again by the Nicole Sandler Show’s unofficial legal expert Lisa Graves. I had hoped that this morning’s announcements would include more than the two they trickled out… and in a sense it did. Apparently accidentally, someone posted a draft of one of the still outstanding decisions– this one in Idaho vs US. They quickly took it down, but not before Bloomberg News got it, converted it to pdf form and posted it online…

Julian Assange is a free man in Australia again, primary upsets abound and Aileen Cannon is still somehow presiding over a clusterfuck of Trump’s criminal trial for stealing and hiding classified documents.

We’ll talk about all of that and more… PLUS we’ll tell you about Lisa’s new podcast “GRAVE INJUSTICE“!!


**Postscript: Best laid plans and all that. Lisa and I didn’t get to SCOTUS or Assange at all, but still covered some important territory. She’ll be back tomorrow for the first half hour leading up to Howie Klein. Hopefully tomorrow morning, the Extremes will have given us more of the decisions we’re waiting for.

One more thing, there was quite a bit of disagreement in the YouTube chat during the show about my comments regarding Jamal Bowman and why he was defeated in yesterday’s primary. I’ve been highly critical of the one-sided coverage of the Israel-Hamas war. But I happened to see this article today about why Bowman lost, and they sum it up perfectly. Read it here:

“Jamaal Bowman Didn’t Lose Because of AIPAC: Their astonishing spending mattered less than how the congressman’s Jewish constituents weighed his words and actions.”