I’m in Minneapolis this week for Netroots Nation.  I’ll have lots of interviews and observations to share with you when I’m back in the studio Monday morning.  But this one couldn’t wait.

As you may know, the right wing follows us each year and schedules their “Right Online” conference in the same town at the same time we have Netroots Nation.  This year, their conference is in the hotel many of the NN participants are staying, while our conference is at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

When I got back to my hotel this evening, I noticed James “Pimp” O’Keefe sitting in the lobby.  I knew he was on probation for trying to enter Senator Mary Landreau’s office posing as a telephone repair man and the conditions prohibited him from leaving New Jersey.  So I took his picture.

Then his posse starting taking pictures of me and asking what I was doing.  I asked if he was breaking the law by being here, and he said he had gotten permission from the court to travel here.  He then invited me over for a conversation.

I said no, but they insisted. So, I pulled out the flip cam and began asking questions.

And, for the record, this video has not been edited, even once.  This is the entire video I shot, with the entire conversation we had until I just couldn’t take the smug hypocrisy for one moment more.