Today on the show, we talked about money.  Well, the real topics were campaign finance reform and the Oscars… but it all boils down to dollars and cents.

The Supreme Court is set to hear another case involving campaign contributions.  McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission is being called Citizens United 2.0, as the GOP wants to lift the limits on the aggregate amount of money an individual can contribute directly to candidates and to their party.  I spoke about it and the progress made to undo the Citizens United damage with a constitutional amendment with Move To Amend‘s David Cobb.

Note to all in South Florida: David Cobb is here with the Barnstorming tour, speaking tonight in Ft. Pierce and tomorrow night in Ft. Lauderdale.  If you’re not here, check the calendar and find out when they head your way.

Maysoon Zayid joined in during the second hour  We spoke about Oscar… both of them.  The Pistorius story is sad and horrific. For a fascinating take on it, read Dave Zirin at The Nation.

And we talked movies.  Yes, the Oscars will be handed out Sunday night, and Maysoon and I made our picks.  I think Lincoln will win Best Picture – and the experts say it’ll come down to that one or Argo.  Why? Because their studios are spending the most.  Seriously.

It’s all about the Benjamins, unfortunately…