Yes, another busy day here in the Radio or Not studios.  I’ll host my regular show today, at the regular 10-noon ET time, and then change gears to guest host the Randi Rhodes Show this afternoon (3-6pm ET), as she’s been caught up in the ice storm that’s paralyzing the northeast again today.  Nice winter, huh?

There’s plenty to talk about, including Sarah Palin’s pity party on Faux News last night, and the ramp up to the GOP vote to repeal health care, and much more…

And when it’s Tuesday, we hang with GottaLaff of The Political Carnival for a look at the rest of the news…

VIDEO: BLUNT Speaks to Speaker Boehner

VIDEO: Glory, Glory Sarah Palin? “Sarah Palin Battle Hymn”

Piers Morgan bans Keith Olbermann from new CNN show

“You didn’t have to make fun of Reince…it was built in… He would cheat on exams.” A letter to Jon Stewart.

Failed Republican Indiana congressional candidate charged with making threats

PhotOh! Blogger confuses closed captioning of Obama speech for applause prompt, scrubs critical comments

Asking the Right Questions: “Do you want them in your house overnight with a gun in their hands?” (by a TEEN!)

Tucson Shooting Victim Apologizes for Outburst Directed at Tea Party Leader

More later….