Third time’s the charm, so they say. Well, Donald Trump has been indicted a third time, but this one is by far the most serious. He’s indicted on four counts for his role in the events on and around Jan 6, 2021 and it’s serious stuff. So serious that every citizen should read it. But sadly, they won’t.

If your excuse is that you just don’t have the time to sit down to read it, I offer a solution. I recorded the whole thing so you can listen or read along. But everyone in this country needs to know the enormity of the charges and severity of the evidence against Trump are.  So, here’s the recording. You can just click play on the player, or right click the big purple download button below that and save as whatever and wherever you want to save it. Or share it… Either way, lets make sure as many Americans know exactly what’s in the indictment so they understand the reasons Trump had to be charged and tried for these very serious crimes against the former guy.

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